The Charlie 2.0

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Soft, four-way stretch outer fabric

Protective middle layer that is breathable and leak-proof

Cotton/bamboo inner layer that is absorbent, breathable and naturally anti-microbial

Care & Content

Wash before first wear to ensure maximum absorbency.

Rinse immediately after use with soap, then machine wash cold/warm, tumble dry low heat or hang to dry.

For full care instructions see Care

Inner: 90% Bamboo 10% Spandex
Middle: Breathable Cotton PUL
Outer: 90% Bamboo 10% Spandex.
Exclusive of trims.

Note: We are currently transitioning all our outer fabrics to Bamboo, however some inventory will still contain 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex as the outer fabric.

The Charlie 2.0 is the same great period-proof boxer, but with updated fit! Longer inseam, higher back and wider leg hole, this new fit is the boxer of your dreams! Designed especially for trans and non-binary menstruating people, but comfy enough for every single person to wear them. We want everyone to feel comfortable when they bleed, so we took the classic boxer and REVOLutionized it!

Medium Protection: Great on its own for medium to light days or mid to end of cycle. Can also be used as back up for other menstrual products on heavy days for added protection. 

Ultra-Heavy Protection: Available in Ultra-Heavy protection, the four way bamboo fleece pad holds up to 100ml of liquid so you can feel confident and protected.

Both Medium and Extra-Heavy options have a leak-proof layer which runs front to back all the way to the waistband on both sides, making both options good for sleeping.

Models: Emerencz is wearing XS, Tinna is wearing 3XL

Note: Each pair of Revol underwear is hand-made in Vancouver BC, so please allow for 5-7 business days before the underwear is shipped to you.

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Taylor G.
United States


These are exactly what I was looking for. I can wear them all day and not worry about leakages. I tried other brands and the pads weren’t high enough in the front but these are amazing! Highly recommend!

Talisa K.
United States United States

My New Number One

Absolutely 100/100. I love this style. As a rock climber I struggle to find comfort but with these I am able to feel comfortable, secure and protected should I climb during cycle. Regardless, I love a cozy home combo so this with a T shirt is just that. Grateful I ordered two!

Rachel S.
Canada Canada

I want to wear these everyday

These are one of the most comfortable pair of underwear I've even owned and I'm honestly a lot sad they are just for my bleed. 10000/10 would reccomend.

A Revol Undies Customer
United States United States

My favorite!

I love the Charlie period underwear. I have ordered multiple pairs over time because of how comfortable they are. I also just love Revol’s mission and quality, the only period underwear brand I buy!


Charlie 2.0 extra heavy flow are amazing!

you guys are amazing. your design for the charlie can't be beat! everytime i wear them i don't have a feeling in the back of my mind that i'm going to leak even on my heaviest day. THANK YOU <3 a bit about me; i wear a 3x for revol (in pants/jeans i wear size 18-20/xxl) i'm 5'6, about 240lbs, have a tummy, big "thunder" thighs that touch. and a big nigerian behind with a deep lower back arch. these undies look like volleyball spandex shorts on me. also because i have a big behind/lower back arch, these don't come up as high in the back - they end up sitting like a normal pair of briefs in the waistband only at the back. in the front they come all the way up on my tummy to my waist! The waistband is comfy to me. it's not tight, it's just there. it does slip down for me if i'm moving around a lot/walking but i have a tummy so that's probably a factor as nothing high waist really stays on my waist and that's not a huge deal for me. when i pull it up it's like a nice light hug. someone suggested adding a non slip grip for these - please don't do that. those things suck/never work and will just create chaffing for those with big thighs because they will roll up anyway and the rubber/latex grip will rub on bare skin causing chaffing. i don't really feel 'cold/wetness' when wearing (but it's a period so tbh you always feel like something is leaking) one thing to note is that when i use the bathroom and pull them back on i DO feel the wetness of blood, esp if there was a clot, but that's a few mins of cold/damp and then i don't really feel it again. I also will try to wipe away/pick up a clot with tissue to reduce the wet feeling. I find that with other brands i leak/stain the outside of the gusset because my thighs basically make the gusset crumple/fold in on itself. With the charlie 2.0 design, because it's a boxer short AND the gusset design for the 'pad' part goes to the edge of the short as well (like pads with wings!) any leakage gets caught with the 'wings' in the inseam. FANTASTIC DESIGN FOR THOSE WITH BIG THIGHS!! and with the protection going all the way up the front and the back i'm golden. zero fears about possibly staining. I actually look forward to my heavy days cuz i get to wear my charlie and can just chill and worry about the cramps i'm dealing with (honestly, when i wear the charlie i usually don't bother wearing pants because they're like shorts and STILL no leaking/staining). i can wear the charlie pretty much all day even on my heaviest days (when using Always brand heavy flow pads i'd change every 3 hrs and the pad would be full), so i usually put it on in the evening and sleep with it (wearing the undie for 10-12 hours) or put it on the morning and change in the evening. i once wore it for around 16hrs and THEN it leaked a tiny bit in the gusset- leaked through all layers. haven't had to change when away from home so can't speak to that but i always have an extra pair/backup! critique about the material - head's up that it's a spandex-like material so it's kinda slippery when wearing jeans. I find that i'm always pulling my jeans up because the material isn't cotton on the outside so they slip down easily esp. when bending down. That's one of the only things i find a bit annoying, but i'll put up with it for a week cuz they're comfy and other brands also have this issue (also when they have mesh panels). washing them is easy. it's always fascinating to see how much red there is! when at home i hand-wash them right away in the sink or take them in the shower with me. I let them air dry then wash them all at the end of the week in the machine and hang them to dry. i've never put mine in the dryer and no bleach. I dry them inside and they take about 1-2 days to dry (2 days is usually for the extra heavy flow charlie). There is a hint of period smell but that's normal imo. it will never smell brand new once it's been used lol (lets normalize body/bodily fluid scents since we're talking about periods here lol) a change i'd love to see and this is my critique of all period undie brands is non-black undies and white gussets. i may be in the minority and i'm guessing most people prefer not to see the blood, but i'd actually like to see so i can see where i'm staining undies and also it gives me an idea of how much i've bled and if i should consider changing (esp. when i'm at home all day). this is especially the case on my lighter days/end of my period. as i can't really monitor if i'm bleeding too much (i don't have any issues with my period, but i'm sure for someone who maybe might develop something or want to tell a doc how much they think they bleed, and can't use a menstrual cup, a white gusset would be helpful. just my 2 cents. Sorry for the long review, just wanted to share my experience as reviews always help me decide if a product will work for me and i really love these undies so if i can help someone who may have similar issues/hesitations, then lovely! happy shopping everyone!