How it works

Yes, it aaaactually works! We stand behind our product 100%! As long as you pair the right protection level with your flow (i.e., Heavy protection on those first few heavy days) you will be able to wear the underwear throughout the day. We normally recommend 1 pair during the day and 1 for overnight.

Make sure to rinse the underwear immediately after you use them, if you can't put them in the washing machine right away, let them hang dry, until you are ready to wash. Don't let them hang for more that 2-3 days before washing.

Don't worry, you won't feel wet and the underwear doesn't get heavier the longer you wear it. The best way to describe it, is that it just feels like wearing underwear! Blood is absorbed through the first layer down to the middle layer underneath, therefore what touches you feels dry and comfortable. Also, our pad fabric has a silver ion wash, SILVADUR™, that prevents bacteria growth and odours from occurring, so you'll feel clean all day!

We developed the Extra Heavy protection for menstruators who would usually change their other products (tampons, pads, cup) every 1.5-2hrs. This is great for Fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, or simply genetics!

We usually say, wear it at home first to try it out, and learn what your flow requires. We recommend on your heavy days, you wear one during the day (up to 8hrs) and one at night while you sleep!

Check out our Extra Heavy protection options on our shop page!

Yes! ALL of our underwear (other than the light protection) have the leakproof layer going all the way up the back and the front! We know as a menstruator, you don't just bleed in one spot, and you don't stop bleeding when you're active or sleeping, so we made our underwear so that no matter what you're doing or how you bleed, you're protected!


Our sizing is true to size, but you can double check by going to our size chart here! As well, we are size inclusive from 2XS-5XL!

For our full bum undies, size up! The undies shrink ever so slightly, so this will end up fitting you perfectly. If you are looking at The Carrie thong, and/or a cheekier styles (like The Kim), then go by your waist measurement.

Shipping & Returns

Canada: Flat rate shipping within British Columbia of $10 CAD. Flat rate shipping outside of British Columbia of $14 CAD.

United States: Flat rate shipping of $10 CAD​

International (Outside North America): Flat rate shipping of $25 CAD.

Since most of the undies are handmade, your order will ship about 15 business days after it is placed!

Absolutely! Email and we'll start the process!


For daily wear, typically one pair during the day and one at night will be enough! Always be sure to pair the protection level with your flow (i.e., Heavy for heavy days and Medium for medium days).

The underwear's lifespan is about 4 years, as long as they are cared for properly. If you are uncertain of the best way to care for your undies, check out the super detailed (and beautiful) instructions on our Care page!

We recommend rinsing them immediately after use with a little bit of soap (dish soap works amazingly well to breakdown the enzymes found in blood). Then machine wash on regular cycle and hang to dry. For super detailed instructions, please check out our Care page!


You can use a discount code on all underwear, with a couple exceptions!

1. You can't use a discount code on already discounted items. (Like sale items or Starter Packs)

2. You can't use a discount code if we are donating part of the proceeds for that product to a charitable cause.

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