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Mesh: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

The Bobby shorts are a gender non-conforming style, mimicking both boxer briefs and bike shorts. With a mid-rise waist and mesh racing stripes along the sides, these shorts are cool and functional. We want everyone to feel comfortable when they bleed!

Medium Protection: Great on its own for medium to light days or mid to end of cycle. Can also be used as back up for other menstrual products on heavy days for added protection.

Extra-Heavy Protection: Available in Extra-Heavy protection, the four way bamboo fleece pad holds up to 100ml of liquid so you can feel confident and protected.

Both Medium and Extra-Heavy options have a leak-proof layer which runs front to back all the way to the waistband on both sides, making both options good for sleeping.

Note: Each pair of Revol underwear is hand-made in Vancouver Canada